The Best Tools For Protecting Your Privacy Online

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It might seem like protecting your privacy in the digital age is an impossible task, but there are many ways in which you can begin to cover your tracks so you can feel like you can still keep the tradition of privacy alive. You won't be served as many intrusive, targeted ads and you'll also be less vulnerable to cyber-stalking.


You will need to use an anonymizer service to hide your ISP address. This feature is only useful if you do not use your ISP address to access your personal information. Therefore, you will want to avoid your Facebook page or a website associated with a company you work for.

Virtual Private Networks

Another way to hide your ISP address is through a proxy server. If you connect to a virtual private network, you can then have your data routed to a proxy server. These services remove your IP address before your data is sent to its final destination. To keep you anonymous, these services will transmit your data through multiple computers where it will be encrypted. But even if the data can be decrypted, by passing it through multiple computers, it will be difficult to identify where the data came from.

Cookie Removal

Another way that you lose your privacy is through cookies that track your online activities. This is primarily used to improve your web browsing experience. For example, a website might use a cookie to remember your login so you don't have to. However, cookies also gather information so that targeted advertisements can be served to you. If you do not like this invasion of privacy, there are fortunately browser plugins that will block cookies.

Privacy Settings

Check your social media settings to make sure that your privacy settings are set at their highest level. Privacy settings will reduce the amount of personal information that others have access to. This is especially useful if you are trying to prevent someone from stalking you online.

Search Engines

Type in your name into a search engine and see what pops up. If you find a website that provides information that you do not want available to the public, you can contact the website and ask for them to take the information down. Also, there are services that will look for your personal information and will contact the website owner to have the personal information taken down for you. While it requires a lot of vigilance and the right tools, you will be able to protect your privacy online. Contact Logical Developments consulting services for more information.