Think Outside The Box To Drive Customer Engagement At Trade Shows

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Looking for new ways to drive traffic and sales within your booth at a trade show? The modern customer base has different needs than older audiences did, so your strategy will need to modernize as well. Here are four ways to drive engagement with customers on the show floor.

Get Comfortable

Invite guests to enjoy some time in your booth space by adding comfortable furniture, charging stations or a lounge area. Such furniture shouldn't be so large as to overtake the booth space, but it should appear inviting and fit the mood you're trying to convey. Sleek and slim chairs and small sofas give your customers and salespeople a place to recharge together while discussing your business. Choose a variety of changeable pieces that can be modified to fit the changing needs of your traffic flow.  

Interactivity is King

Increasingly, clients want more than to simply be subjected to sales pitches and being talked at; they want to be part of the conversation, to be heard. Provide hands-on experiences inside your booth and a little space to talk individually with potential customers. Position outgoing staff members at the forefront of the booth to engage people in conversations early and quickly. Make use of social media and other follow-up options to help keep customers' attention after the fact. Visit a site like to learn about how designs for the booth, whether that be handout information or posters, can be made more interactive.

Get Off the Floor

If you really want to stand out and provide an opportunity to engage customers, consider getting away from the competition... literally. Rather than focus your efforts on the show floor, you might make a bigger splash by moving some of your footprint into hotel ballrooms or other local space. From a quieter location, you can engage individual clients better and create a more enjoyable meeting environment.  

Go Green

Eco-friendly designs are inviting and warm, yet cutting-edge at the same time. Bamboo and other sustainable materials give a booth a homey feeling that invites millennials. As an added bonus, environmentally-friendly designs can be a good investment in the long run. Lighter materials cost less to transport, LED lighting uses less electricity and cases are designed to be reusable instead of constantly replaced. Plus, modern green designs are created to last longer than ever. 

Today's successful show booths focus on people rather than nifty designs. By creating a space that invites potential customers inside with an enjoyable, people-friendly atmosphere, you can make the best use of your business' money spent at each show.